Best Christmas Song Writers

Best Christmas songwriters wrote most Christmas songs. Many of the songs were written Jewish though they do not celebrate Christmas. Ideally, they were meant to be listened or sung during holidays. Below are the ten best Christmas songwriters and the songs they wrote.


  • Irving Berlin

He is one of the famous songwriters who wrote songs that turned into significant hits around the world. Before turning thirty, he was still a legend due to his songs. He is the author of songs like white Christmas.


  • Johnny Marks


Before dying at the age of 75, Johnny Marks who is known as John David Marks was a legend in Christmas songs. Most of his songs are even song today in several churches around the world. One of them is rocking around the Christmas tree.

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  • Albert Hague


Born in 13th October 1920, Albert Hague is an American -German song composer and writer who wrote songs like you are a mean one, Mr. Grinch. In this song, he was blaming Mr. Grinch for stealing Christmas.


  • Jay Livingston


Jay who died in 17th October 2001 is well known for writing one of the loved Christmas songs in 1951. The Tinkle bells are the song. It is the only song that is liked by most kids though they don’t know the exact words. During his writing, he corroborated with Ray Evans


  • Jule Styne


Together with Sammy Cahn, they are known for composing the most famous song by the name let it snow. Before dying in 20th September 1994, his Broadway musical was inspirational to people.


  • Robert Wells


Robert Wells was born on 15th October 1922, and by 1945 his song by the name the Christmas song was out. The song made him very famous thus helping him join the television production.


  • Mariah Carey


Her supreme songbird name fits her well. She has several music albums like Merry Christmas. Her song all I want for Christmas is you made her more famous.




There are several best Christmas songwriters, but the few mentioned are top in the list. Their songs are famous and well known by many people around the world.